Immunology: All RNA-binding proteins found in immune cells identified

1 Sep 2021

LMU immunologist Vigo Heissmeyer reports in the journal Nature Communications


RNA-binding proteins (RBPs) determine the stability and hence the function of mRNAs, and thus control the translation of genetic information into proteins. They therefore play vital roles in the differentiation, function – and pathological malfunctions – of immune cells. The complete set of RBPs expressed in T-cells (the ‘RBPome’) has now been identified.

The data show that the regulation of mRNAs by known RBPs is modulated by positive and negative interactions with other RBPs. Surprisingly, this suggests the existence of cell-type-specific regulatory networks.

Kai P. Hoefig, Alexander Reim, Christian Gallus, Elaine H. Wong, Gesine Behrens, Christine Conrad, Meng Xu, Lisa Kifinger, Taku Ito-Kureha, Kyra Defourny, Arie Geerlof, Josef Mautner, Stefanie M. Hauck, Dirk Baumjohann, Regina Feederle, Matthias Mann, Michael Wierer, Elke Glasmacher & Vigo Heissmeyer: Defining the RBPome of primary T helper cells to elucidate higher order Roquin-mediated mRNA regulation. Nature Communications, 2021

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