Jump start for the bike

28 Jul 2022

When every pedal squeaks or the way to university takes twice as long, there's only one thing that helps: Off to the bike repair station!

In order to make cycling attractive for even more people, the environmental department of the student council launched a first bike repair station in 2019: Now another repair station has been set up at Oettingenstraße 67. This means that there are already small green boxes with everything a bicycle needs at six different locations at LMU. They are freely accessible to students, employees and passers-by and offer screwdrivers, air pumps and other equipment to get your bike back on the road quickly. Using a QR code on site, you can view repair instructions and then change chains, repair inner tubes or just tighten the luggage rack. Bike lovers only need to bring the hardware, for example a new hose or new brake pads.


Support from the Property and Maintenance Department

"We've gotten super positive feedback," says Valentin Costa, head of the student environmental department. "We came up with the idea back in 2018 because we want to support bicycle mobility." The first station was paid for out of student council funds. "Since the financial resources of the student council are limited, we got support from LMU's real estate and property management, who helped us finance, set up and maintain the other five bike stations."

"The repair stations promote bicycles as an important student and environmentally friendly mode of transportation. We should never run out of steam on that!" emphasizes Dr. Matthias Fahrmeir, head of the Real Estate Department.

The green repair stations can now be found at every major LMU location:

  • Leopoldstrasse 13, at the "Schweinchenbau" inner courtyard
  • Ludwigstrasse 25, in the courtyard
  • BMC Martinsried, by bicycle parking facilities Building N
  • Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy, near Mensaria Feodor-Lynen-Straße
  • Campus Oberschleißheim, forecourt lecture hall building Sonnenstraße 16A
  • 2 units: Anatomical Institute of the LMU, Pettenkoferstraße 11
  • Oettingenstraße 67, near main entrance

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