LMU awarded with "Total E-Quality" predicate

25 Oct 2022

For the fifth time, LMU has received the "Total E-Quality" predicate and with it the additional "Sustainability" award for long-term commitment in the field of diversity.

For its "strong and long-lasting commitment" in the area of equal opportunities and diversity, Ludwig Maximilian University has been awarded the "Total E-Quality" predicate of the non-profit association of the same name for the fifth time, which the university may now continue to use until 2025. At the same time, LMU thus receives the additional award "Sustainability" for long-term and successful efforts to create an inclusive university. "We are very pleased to receive this award once again," said Professor Francesca Biagini, Vice President for International Affairs and Diversity at LMU. "It is the signal for us that we are on the right track and also recognizes the great efforts of the LMU community to promote equal opportunities, diversity and inclusion."

The jury particularly emphasized LMU's "diversity-sensitive organizational culture" as well as "numerous points of contact with a broad range of counseling and continuing education services". In 2021, for example, the office of the anti-discrimination officer was established to provide advice and support to various groups of people at LMU should they become victims of racism or other discriminatory behavior based on their gender, disability, age, religion, world view or sexual identity.

Furthermore, in light of another year marked by the Corona pandemic and the war in Ukraine, LMU 2022 continued its "WeCare@LMU" initiative under the patronage of Professor Biagini. The goal of "WeCare@LMU" is to strengthen the mental health of the LMU community and promote a positive attitude toward life through workshops, counseling and support services. "Diversity contributes to excellence in research and teaching. That's why LMU is committed to creating an environment in which its members can develop their full potential," Biagini affirms.

National award

Since 1996, Total E-Quality Deutschland e. V. has been pursuing the goal of establishing and sustainably anchoring equal opportunities. According to the association, this goal is achieved "when the talents, potentials and competencies of both genders are equally recognized, included and promoted. LMU first received the award in 2009, which is aimed at organizations from business, academia and government throughout Germany that demonstrate a special commitment to equal opportunities at their institution. The project is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth.

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