LMU continues to grow – almost 53,000 students registered by start of semester

16 Oct 2023

Bucking the trend at many universities, LMU Munich has recorded an increase in student numbers at the beginning of the 2023/24 winter semester.

Studying at LMU

By mid-October 2023, more than 52,000 students have already enrolled at LMU. | © Jan Greune/LMU

As of the official start of semester today, 52,818 students are enrolled at LMU, over 60 percent of whom are female. For comparison: At the beginning of the 2022/23 winter semester, there were 52,276 registered students. As things stand, there have been 9,040 new registrations at LMU, which is 521 more than at the start of semester last year. Because enrollment is still open, these numbers will rise further over the coming weeks.

LMU also remains very popular with students from abroad, with 10,496 international students currently enrolled at LMU (same time last year: 10,032). This corresponds to 20 percent of total students, putting LMU well above the national average for foreign students of just under 12 percent.

LMU President Professor Bernd Huber: “We’re thrilled that LMU continues to be a very popular university with a stellar reputation in Germany and abroad. The rising student numbers are a clear indicator of the attractiveness of LMU and of the excellent study conditions we offer here.”

Professor Oliver Jahraus, Vice President for Teaching and Studies at LMU: “The students who have chosen our university have chosen innovative teaching with a strong research focus. It is not only the broad range of subjects available at LMU that appeal to our students, but also interdisciplinary initiatives on important topics such as AI and sustainability.”

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