LMU educators win Awards for Good Teaching

28 Apr 2023

Top marks from students: Three LMU academics have received an Award for Good Teaching in 2022. Their motivational skills and e-learning offers came in for special praise.

Awards for Good Teaching are given out every year by the Bavarian State Ministry for Science and the Arts to recognize the work of the best teachers at state universities in Bavaria. The prizewinners are put up for the awards by their home universities, with student evaluations playing a major role. To be eligible, candidates must have exhibited outstanding teaching performance over a period of at least two academic years. Each award comes with a bursary of 5,000 euros.

Prof. Dr. Irene Holzer

Prof. Dr. Irene Holzer

Faculty of History and the Arts

Irene Holzer has been Professor of Musicology at LMU since April 2020. Her main research interests are in early music and popular music. Her students describe Holzer as “the perfect choice for an Award for Good Teaching.” They singled out for praise the way she packaged complex topics in engaging lessons, and her skillful use of digital teaching methods. In her role as women’s representative, she is also an inspirational role model for her students.

“This course was definitely one of the best I’ve encountered in my studies so far,” wrote one student.

Dr. Philipp Sckopke

Dr. Philipp Sckopke | © Foto: Arvid Uhlig

Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences

Philipp Sckopke is a lecturer at the Department of Psychology and has been teaching psychological methodology and diagnostics since 2011. Over the past few years, he has superbly exploited the possibilities of digital media for teaching and masterfully illustrated complex subject-matter in learner-friendly form. His students rate his lectures and online teaching as very successful. They also rate positively his commitment to all of his students and his ability to motivate them.

In addition, his students say, he encourages critical appraisal of past research and thus helps create the optimum conditions for future research achievements.

Dr. med. dent. Hisham Sabbagh

Dr. med. dent. Hisham Sabbagh

Faculty of Medicine

Hisham Sabbagh has been working at the Department of Orthodontics in LMU’s Faculty of Medicine since 2018. The physician has “more than earned” his Award for Good Teaching, according to the elected student representatives for dentistry. They describe how Sabbagh motivates students and gets them excited about orthodontics. In terms of practical skills and mentally, they add, he prepares students very well. Indeed, students have him to thank for “one of the steepest learning curves” in their orthodontic education.

In addition, Hisham Sabbagh has developed e-learning offers and is constantly looking for new ways to further improve his teaching.

The award ceremony for the years 2021 and 2022 will take place in Bayreuth on 28 April 2023.

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