New International Triple Degree

13 Jan 2020

Students enrolled in the Triple Master Program study in New Orleans, Paris and Munich and can simultaneously obtain the US Master of Business Administration (MBA), the French Diplôme Grande École and the German Master of Science in Business Administra...

Loyola University in New Orleans

Even an MBA from a top-ranked Business School in Great Britain or the US is no longer regarded as the best option available. Established rankings of MBA degree programs now almost exclusively place international collaborative programmes at the top of the table. This reflects the growing demand for graduates who have not only received a first-class academic education in the field, but have also demonstrated international mobility.

Loyola University in New Orleans, SKEMA Business School in Paris and Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich have now launched a new triple-degree program. The presidents of the three universities recently signed a memorandum of understanding which represents a new departure on the fiercely contested market in MBA programs. In August 2020, the first students will be able to enroll in the 120 ECTS (60 US credits) Triple Master program.

Entrepreneurial Spirit and Management Those who choose the Triple Master benefit not only from the experience of instructors in three of the world’s leading economies, but also from numerous career services, and they gain access to large alumni networks, including contacts to thousands of companies. The curriculum is designed to provide a sound academic education, to address responsibility and sustainability in management, and to instill the much sought-after entrepreneurial spirit, thus preparing participants for successful careers at management level in multinational companies.

SKEMA Business School in Paris

Professor Bernd Huber, President of the LMU: "We are pleased that the Faculty of Business Administration can expand its course offerings with this new triple degree, and that this cooperation program enables us also to offer an MBA degree to prospective students."

International education and practical experience The program is intended for students with a Bachelor's degree in any subject with attractive GPS scores, social and language skills. "The main advantage of the program is that students benefit from studying at recognized international universities in three countries," explains Professor Manfred Schwaiger of the Institute for Market-based Management, who founded the program together with colleagues in Paris and New Orleans. "In addition, the program offers a high degree of flexibility. Only at the end of their studies do the students have to decide with which degree(s) they wish to complete their studies.

The program begins with a semester at the New Orleans campus, where students acquire knowledge in basic aspects of management between August and December. They spend the second semester on the SKEMA campus in Paris before moving on to the Ludwig-Maximilian-Universität in Munich for their third semester. In addition to other specialized courses, a consulting project is offered in which students work on real-life practical questions in the style of management consultants.

With the credits acquired in this way, graduates receive the MBA certificate from Loyola University, New Orleans. Interested candidates then have the opportunity to write a Master’s thesis in the last semester, which entitles them to receive the Diplôme Grande École from the SKEMA Business School in Paris and the Master of Science in Business Administration from LMU Munich.

More Information: 

Loyola University New Orleans is a Catholic, Jesuit university, located in the heart of the picturesque Uptown neighborhood in New Orleans. For more than 100 years, Loyola has helped shape the lives of its students, as well as the history of its city and the world, through educating men and women in the Jesuit traditions of academic excellence and service to others. Its more than 50,000 living graduates serve as catalysts for change in their communities around the world as they exemplify the comprehensive, values-laden education they received at Loyola.

With 8,500 students, 120 different nationalities and 45,000 alumni across 145 countries, SKEMA Business School is a global school which, through its research, its 50 programmes and its international multi-site structure, trains and educates the talents needed by 21st century companies. The school now has seven campuses around the world: three in France (Lille, Sophia-Antipolis, Paris) and one each in China (Suzhou), the United States (Raleigh), Brazil (Belo Horizonte) and South Africa (Cape Town).

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) Munich is one of the leading universities in Europe with a tradition stretching more than 500 years. It offers the broad spectrum of all fields of knowledge and exploits its success in competing for excellence.

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