Science Talks: Science and business in times of multiple crises

14 Nov 2022

The third event in the Science Talks series addresses the question as to what role science and business have in times of crisis. “Between research and the entrepreneurship of the future” is the title of the panel discussion.

In times of multiple crises, we look to economists when it comes to managing the economic effects and mitigating recessionary consequences. What contribution can science make in this sphere? And what type of innovation(s) does forward-looking entrepreneurship need?

The participants in the Science Talks panel discussion at LMU Munich will be exploring these questions from the perspectives of science and business.

Panel discussion

22 Nov

Science Talks: Science and Business in Times of Multiple Crises

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Science and business in times of multiple crises: between research and the entrepreneurship of the future (German: “Wissenschaft und Wirtschaft in Zeiten multipler Krisen: Zwischen Forschung und Unternehmertum der Zukunft”).

Tuesday, 22 November 2022 at 7 p.m.

at the Great Assembly Hall (Große Aula), LMU main building, and as a livestream

For attending the event in person, registration is not required.


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The Science Talks are being held in German. A recording with English subtitles will be published on YouTube a week after the event date.


Portrait von Prof Monika Schnitzer.

Prof. Monika Schnitzer | © Jan Staiger

Monika Schnitzer

“Although energy prices will fall again, they will not revert to pre-crisis levels. This will force our economy to make considerable adjustments over the coming years. On top of this, we have international dependencies, especially with regard to critical raw materials, which we must reduce in view of possible further geopolitical crises.”

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Monika Schnitzer, Chair of Comparative Economics at LMU

Jona Christians

Jona Christians

“Many wars and crises in our time have their origin in our dependency on fossil fuels. Only if we manage to become independent of them and to generate and use energy where it is needed will we be able to live in a free and mobile society.”

Jona Christians is a founder and CEO of Sono Motors.

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