The composition of the Universe and the evolution of Cosmic Structures

3 Jul 2023

About the working group of LMU physicist Prof. Joseph Mohr, the German representative of the twelve-member Euclid science team

The Euclid satellite enters a vacuum chamber for a month long test at Thales Alenia Space in Cannes | © ESA / M. Pédoussaut

Prof. Dr. Joseph Mohr, Dr. Martin Kuemmel and other members of the Chair for Structure Formation and Cosmology at LMU have contributed to the development of the software tools needed to transform the massive Euclid dataset into highly accurate and precise measurements that can be employed to study the Formation and Evolution of the Universe.

Contributions from Drs. Koshy George, Thomas Vassallo, Igor Zinchenko, Yuedong Fang and others over the past decade have merged with efforts of scientists throughout Euclid to create the software infrastructure for the mission. Prof. Mohr has also served as German representative of the twelve member Euclid Science Team with scientific oversight responsibilty for the mission. The members of Prof. Mohr's chair as well as multiple other research groups at the LMU are poised to use the Euclid dataset to address questions regarding the composition of the Universe, the behavior of Gravity on the largest scales and the emergence and evolution of Cosmic Structures, among other questions.

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