Viruses: the invisible danger from the wilds

23 Jan 2023

Monkeypox/mpox, COVID-19, Ebola: viruses that jump from animals to humans can cause pandemics. LMU scientists are studying the tricks of the pathogens and developing suitable vaccines.

Viral zoonoses are spreading rapidly around the globe. Increasingly, exotic pathogens from remote regions of the Global South are threatening people in the Western world. “Since 1999, scarcely a year has gone by where we do not identify a major new outbreak event,” says Gerd Sutter, Professor of Virology at LMU’s Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

The following multimedia story explores which viruses are considered particularly dangerous, what makes them a threat in the first place, and what research LMU scientists are conducting to counter the threat from pandemics.

For the multimedia story, please see:

Viruses: the invisible danger from the wilds

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