Worlds of Wisdom

31 Jan 2018

Mathematics student Lukas set out with his camera to capture the atmosphere in LMU’s specialist libraries – as well as the library widely regarded as Munich’s loveliest.

Knowledge demands discipline. Most of LMU’s faculty libraries are open until 10 PM. In the evenings, it is quiet, and time slips by unnoticed by readers absorbed in their work. Lukas, a student of Mathematics, wanted to capture the ambience of these archives, which is so conducive to concentration. He photographed four of the most attractive libraries on campus. Interspersed with these is another library, which many would rate as the loveliest library in Munich.

The odd one out (No. 3) is a public library, and for many people it is Munich’s loveliest: the Law Library which is part of the city’s Municipal Library system.

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