Research-oriented teaching

In order to stimulate students to take an interest in research at an early stage and thus lay the foundation for a future career in academia, LMU Munich emphasizes the close links between research and teaching at all stages of academic education.

As a leading research-intensive university in Germany, LMU Munich is an ideal environment for research-oriented teaching. The tremendous diversity of the degree programs on offer makes it possible for students, even at bachelor level, to specialize in specific disciplines, but also to choose an interdisciplinary focus. Although the introduction of bachelor’s and master’s degrees as part of the Bologna Process has necessitated a restructuring of the teaching curriculum, LMU Munich has been able to retain many opportunities for subject combination and advanced study. In addition, LMU offers research-oriented master’s programs, which are financially supported by external funding institutions such as the Bavarian Elite Network and the Volkswagen Foundation.

LMU strives to strengthen the research component of its teaching programs during all phases of university education. As part of Lehre@LMU the university supports undergraduate research projects, which enable students to gain insights into the practise of science at an early stage and allow them to participate in current research. Moreover, LMU continues to incorporate the lessons learned from the implementation of measures which have already been adopted as best practice in some faculties. These successful measures include:

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