Program handbook (Modulhandbuch)

Program handbooks contain core information relating to LMU bachelor's and master's degree programs. Here you can find descriptions, teaching forms, credit points, and a lot more. Dive in!

The program handbook (Modulhandbuch) provides you with an overview of a degree program (e.g. bachelor's, master's) broken down by module. Here, you will find information about modular content, target qualifications by module, the format that teaching will take, prerequisites for participation, and potential applications of each module. Additionally this handbook provides information about the allocation of credit points, the number of credit points available, how each module has been rated, how frequently it occurs, what level of work to expect, and the duration of each module.

Generally speaking, you should find the program handbook on the website dedicated to your degree program. Concerning specifications for completing your degree, you should consult the Examination and study regulations that apply to your chosen degree program.

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