Non-EU citizens

Degree programs with an aptitude procedure

When applying for subjects with an aptitude procedure, identical admission requirements apply to all foreign students — regardless of whether or not they are citizens of the European Union (EU) or the European Economic Area (EEA). Please note the respective registration deadlines, which unfortunately are not always synched.

Applications, admissions and registration

1. Aptitude procedure via the institute

If you want to study a subject in which an aptitude procedure is required, you must contact the relevant institute in sufficient time. You can find out the exact registration dates by consulting with the institute responsible for your chosen subject!

Please note that some minor subjects also require applicants to go through an aptitude procedure or carry admission restrictions.

2. Admission to a degree program at LMU via the International Office

If you have passed the aptitude procedure at the relevant institute, it does not automatically mean that you can be registered at LMU.

For application to and registration onto your chosen degree program, you must also submit an application for admission (registration) in the form and within the deadline specified to the International Office.

Please refer to our application and registration instructions for international student applicants.

Application deadlines for admission
— for the summer semester: by 15 January
— for the winter semester: by 15 July

Please also note the information about German proficiency and the dates of the German language exam. An exception is made for master's degree programs and doctoral degree programs which are taught in English.


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