Special admission cases

Exchanging your university place

In restricted admission degree programs, it is often extremely difficult to change universities due to a lack of available places at the desired university. In response to these challenges, the opportunity to create a so-called university exchange place (Studienplatztausch) was created. This runs in addition to the formal admission procedure at universities.

A university exchange place in restricted admission degree programs requires the approval of the participating universities before it can occur. There is no legal entitlement to an exchange. With the exception of providing consent and the act of enforcement, the University is not otherwise involved in the exchange.

LMU Munich refuses to embark in any university exchange place discussions in which a promise of remuneration or other pecuniary advantage to an exchange partner is offered!

Special arrangements for those studying a Human Medicine degree program: In the course of studying a Human Medicine degree program, a so-called transfer procedure (Übernahmeverfahren) takes place after the first phase and ensuing medical examination. A university exchange place for the first clinical semester after this transfer procedure between LMU and TUM is not possible.

The university exchange place must occur in a capacity-neutral way which means:

  • It is imperative that both exchange partners are properly and permanently registered on the same degree program and in the same semester at a German university.
  • For medical students, the clinical semester is based on the preliminary medical examination.

In the case of the exchange partners themselves, their academic achievements and examination results should essentially be the same (for those studying Medicine — concerning the clinical phase — the period up until the successful acquisition of the preliminary medical examination must match).

The university exchange place must be applied for in the form and within the time required. This means:

  • The agreement to create a university exchange place must be applied for in writing using the form (PDF, 154 KB) provided by the University.
  • The application must be received by the deadline set by the University (see Official notifications).

A university exchange place will only be granted if all participating universities have agreed to it.

A circular exchange involving more than two universities is essentially also possible.


Random selection

A policy of random selection will only be applied to nationally and locally restricted admission degree programs — allocated by the so-called Dialogorientiertes Serviceverfahren (DoSV) —, if the regular allocation process performed by the Stiftung für Hochschulzulassung (formerly ZVS) has been successfully completed and a number of study places have still not been filled or have become available again in the meantime.

Random selection is also used when study places for locally restricted admission degree programs — which are not allocated by the DoSV (at present, this concerns all restricted admission teacher education degree programs) — have been subject to LMU's regular allocation process and some places were not filled and/or have become available again in the meantime.

An application must be submitted in the required manner and by the specified deadline in order to participate.

Please note that the following links will only be activated shortly before random selection starts.

Official notification

Here you will find the official notification for random selection: No. III-2-152/20 (PDF, 132 KB) (in German)

Application deadline

The application must be submitted in the required manner and by the deadline outlined in the official notification.

Application form

Here you will find the application form:
Application for random selection for all restricted admission degree programs (PDF, 98 KB) (in German)

As soon as random selection has been conducted, the respective link will be activated.

Only those applicants who have been allocated a study place through random selection will be notified.

Studienkolleg (preparatory course)

There are a number of foreign secondary school qualifications that entitle students to study in that country, but not in Germany. A so-called assessment test is then necessary. At the StudStudienkolleg (preparatory course) available for universities in the Free State of Bavaria Bayern, applicants to whom this applies are prepared for this examination in a two-semester course.

The allocation to the Studienkolleg is made by the Bavarian university where the intention is to study a degree program. An application directly to the Studienkolleg is not possible.

At LMU Munich, assignment of foreign nationals is carried out by the International Office and by the Office of the University Registrar for German nationals.

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