Interactive scavenger hunt around campus


Use a mobile device to play our interactive scavenger hunt and get to know the university:

  • At various stops in and around LMU's main building on Geschwister-Scholl-Platz you will solve puzzles and answer questions, learning about important historical landmarks and finding out interesting trivia along the way.
  • The scavenger hunt will take approx. 40 to 60 minutes and can be played alone or in a small group. If you want to form more than one group, we recommend you wait about 10 to 15 minutes between the start of each group.
  • In order to play the scavenger hunt, you need to download the app Actionbound and register with a valid email address. Use of the app is free of charge. Please read Actionbound's Terms and Conditions and the following information carefully, before downloading the app:

If you are not yet 18 years old, you need to check with your parents or guardians if you may use the app.

We would encourage you to protect your privacy:

  • When first downloading the app, you need to register with a username. We recommend you choose an alias or nickname, rather than your full real name. The same holds true for choosing a name at the beginning of the scavenger hunt.
  • At no point during LMU's scavenger hunt will you be requested to upload pictures of you, of others or of your surroundings in the app.
  • Please do not forget to delete your Actiounbound account again, once you have completed the scavenger hunt and will no longer be using the app. Please retract all permissions you might have given the app to use your mobile device's camera, microphone or to track your location. (None of these permissions is neccessary for playing the scavenger hunt.)
  • LMU Munich does not ask players for any sensitive data. This particularly refers to information about racial or ethnic heritage, political opinions, religious or ideological convictions, union membership, genetic or biometric data, sexual orientation or sex life. The valid email address needed for registering in the app is not passed on to LMU Munich.
  • Any personal data that may be collected from players of the scavenger hunt will not be processed in any form by LMU Munich.

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