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From interfaculty lectures and the "Studium Generale," to visiting students in the study program for senior citizens and initiatives organized by the LMU Women's Representative — everyone both within and outside the University is welcome here.

Public Lecture Series

Aimed at the general public, the annual lecture series taking place in winter semester has been a tradition for many years: As LMU’s central showcase for the public interested in science, it brings together scientists from LMU and all over the world and presents cutting-edge research on specific aspects of highly relevant social topics and issues.

Due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, the lecture series could not take place as usual in an LMU lecture hall in the two preceding winters of 2020/21 and 2021/22, which were instead offered as an online series of events: LMU’s Corona Lectures and AI Lectures reached an extremely large and diverse audience, who were able to learn about issues of cutting-edge research and address their questions to the scientists from LMU who presented them. For the 2022/23 winter semester, the lecture series will return to a lecture hall in the main building of LMU and, with a parallel online broadcast, will continue to reach an audience far beyond Munich.

Studium Generale

More information on the "Studium Generale" lecture series (in German)

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The Studium Generale offers a combination of lectures covering general interest and interfaculty topics. These are available to students and LMU members. For students, this is a unique opportunity to broaden your knowledge beyond your specific subject area, and get inspiration for your academic field by exploring neighboring ones.

Study program for senior citizens

View the course catalog for senior citizens (in German)

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LMU offers anyone that is academically curious a comprehensive educational portfolio to promote and encourage life-long learning. The Zentrum Seniorenstudium specializes in offering a varied program each semester covering a constantly changing line up of lectures from all faculties.

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Women's Studies und Gender Studies

See the course program of the University's Women Representative (in German)

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The LMU Women's Representative initiate, develops and supports gender-specfic projects. The scope of this is extensive and includes: the foundation of the Graduiertenkolleg (research training group) named "Geschlechterdifferenz & Literatur" ("Gender Difference & Literature;") the coordination of multiple projects in recognition of "100 Jahre akademische Bildung von Frauen in Bayern" ("100 years of academic education for women in Bavaria;") the regular distribution of the "Frauenstudien — Gender Studies" course catalog as well as other publications, and the organization of colloquia and research projects.

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