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Online workshop in microscopy techniques: from electron to intravital microscope

Location: Online via Zoom
When: 9. – 12. November 2021
Application Deadline
: 01. November 2021

Confirmed Speakers:

Dr. Hellen Ishikawa-Ankerhold (LMU-Munich)

Dr. Roland Fleck (King´s College London-UK)

Dr. Markus Sperandio (LMU-Munich)

Prof. Dr. David Entenberger (Albert Einstein College-US)

Dr. Michael Gerlach (CCG, Dresden –Germany)

Dr. Susanne Stutte (LMU Munich-Germany)

Michael Mahlert (Bitplane-Imaris-Germany)

Prof. Dr. Hugo de Castro Farias (FioCruz-Rio de Janeiro-Brazil)

Marcio Weichert (German Exchange Programm Agencies- DWIH, DAAD, DFG, Alexander von Humboldt, BAYLAT)

Course coordinators:

Prof. Dr. Munira M. Abdel Baqui (FMRP-USP - Brazil)

Prof. Dr. Luis Lamberti da Silva (FMRP-USP -Brazil)

Dr. Hellen Ishikawa-Ankerhold (LMU- Germany)

Dr. Roland Fleck (UK, King´s College London- UK)

Workshop short program:

9-10th November 2021 (14:00-17:30 Germany time): Electron Microscopy techniques and applications in Biomedicine. Host: Dr. Roland Fleck-(UK, King´s College London- UK)

11-12th November 2021 (14-00-17:30 Germany time): Intravital Microscopy Models applied in Medical Science. Host: Dr. Hellen Ishikawa-Ankerhold LMU-Munich Germany

Target group: Post-graduate students and researchers that want to apply Electron and Intravital Microscopy in their studies.

Online workshop: 100 places for the attendance to the online lectures.

Required documents for a successful registration:

  • Motivation Letter (including academic interests and your purpose in undertaking the course).
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Indicate if you want to participate in both workshops or only in one

Please send the required documents by e-mail to:

Dr. Hellen Ishikawa-Ankerhold

Head of the Multiphoton Intravital Microscopy Core Facility
Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Germany


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