Erasmus+ traineeships

Are you an Erasmus+ exchange student wanting to do a traineeship at LMU? We have the answers to the most important questions about your application, securing funding, and much much more!

Frequently asked questions

  • Bachelor's students
  • Master's students
  • Doctoral candidates
  • Participation is also possible up to one year after graduation.
  • You can receive funding for one traineeship per study cycle.

Every student is responsible for securing their own traineeship. Traineeships must not necessarily be done with an LMU-Erasmus partner university. What's important, however, is that you sign a Learning Agreement for Traineeships.

  • You can search for suitable traineeships yourself on the websites of the various LMU departments and then simply contact the department directly. When you apply, it is important to describe the objectives of your traineeship as precisely as possible.
  • When your LMU supervisor has approved your traineeship, you will receive the Learning Agreement for Traineeships from your home university.
  • This Learning Agreement must be signed by your home university, by you and by the traineeship supervisor at LMU.

The trainee does not necessarily have to come from an LMU Erasmus+ partner university. However, it is important that the institution co-signs the Learning Agreement for Traineeships.

If you want to do a traineeship at LMU but do not come from an Erasmus+ partner university, you must contact the relevant LMU institute directly.

  • No, if you don't come from an Erasmus+ partner university.
  • Yes, if you come from an Erasmus+ partner university and
    • if the traineeship starts around the same time as the semester.
    • if the traineeship lasts around 1 semester.

  • No. As a rule, these are unpaid traineeships.
  • If a voluntary traineeship is expected to last more than three months, please clarify with the LMU departmental supervisor whether it is possible to pay you as a research assistant.

  • The EU supports traineeships from 60 days to a maximum of 12 months.
  • This EU funding is approx. 400 euros per month.
  • Erasmus+ trainees come from other EU countries as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein, Northern Macedonia, Norway and Turkey.

  • The home university, the trainee and the host institution must agree in the Learning Agreement on responsibilities for health, liability and accident insurance.
  • As a rule, trainees themselves take care of their health and liability insurance.
  • The trainee or their home university must take care of sufficient accident insurance to cover times outside of working hours at LMU.

Further information on insurance can be found in the international student guide.

Contact and further information

  • If you come from a partner university and the duration of your traineeship is approximately the same as the semester times at LMU, please contact the International Office.
  • The EU provides guidelines for the Learning Agreement.

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