LMU Buddy Program

If you would like some help finding your feet as a new student at LMU, why not join the LMU Buddy Program? Your buddy—an LMU student—will help you with things like getting your LMUcard, finding your bearings in the city, or figuring out your way around campus.

What is the LMU Buddy Program?

The LMU Buddy Program is a mentoring program for exchange students (Erasmus+, UK, SEMP and LMUexchange). To help you settle in at LMU, you will be assigned your own LMU student mentor. Since our LMU students are volunteers, there are no rules regarding activities or frequency of meetings. Sometimes LMU buddies even become buddies for life!

How do I get a buddy?

Buddy mentor with mentees


You can apply for a buddy by ticking the box "buddy wanted" in your application for admission as an exchange student at LMU. If you forgot to do this, no worries. You can send us an email and we can still add you to the system later. You will receive your buddy's contact details about one month before the regular lectures start. While we do try to assign you a buddy from the same field of study, we cannot guarantee it.

The LMU Buddy Program is only aimed at exchange students. The program is not designed for international students coming to LMU for a bachelor's or master's degree.

How do I become a buddy?

LMU students have the opportunity to become an LMU buddy for international exchange students.

If you have any questions, please contact the LMU Buddy Program team.

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