The following section portrays some testimonials from exchange students reporting on their study-abroad experience and giving valuable advice. Get inspired!

Jordan Aisenstat, University of British Columbia, Canada

Student in front of Nymphenburg Palace

© Jordan Aisenstat

What did you like most about your stay at LMU / in Munich?
It is so challenging to narrow down my favorite parts of this experience as there were so many amazing things about LMU and Munich that made my stay so memorable. However, this was the first time I got to attend university classes in person again since COVID-19 first broke out, so being on campus and actually meeting my classmates in person is something that I did not take for granted. LMU has such a beautiful and inviting campus and I was able to meet some incredible people from this exchange that I won't forget!

What is your favorite spot, and why?
Despite the incredible blend of nature and architecture that I noticed in many neighborhoods, I would have to say my favorite spot in Munich was Schloss Nymphenburg. This was the first place that I went to walk around when I arrived for my exchange, so it quickly became a special place for me. I loved grabbing a drink and going for long walks around the beautiful grounds with friends, plus the swans and sunsets there were amazing!

What would you recommend to new exchange students?
It was definitely very challenging meeting and making new friends, especially when you go somewhere that you've never been to before. But having an LMU buddy really eased my nerves so much! Nadia was the first friend that I met when I arrived and it was so nice that we clicked so easily, but I also used apps to help me reach out to more people. I'd definitely recommend that when you meet people for the first time to always go to new places as it makes exploring the city a little more fun. Plus, I got really into making favorites/saved lists in my map app, so I was able to narrow down places that I really enjoyed. But overall, try to push yourself out of your comfort zone and just be brave!

Claudia Walter, University of Melbourne, Australia

Lake and mountains

© Claudia Walter

What did you like most about your stay at LMU / in Munich?
The thing I loved most about studying at LMU and living in Munich was the student culture. After two years of doing university online throughout Covid-19, I relished the community feel that came from living in the student accommodation in the Olympic village, and the vibe of the student quarter around the univeristy in general in terms of cafés and bars. The student groups are so proactive and I was lucky enough to have so many cool experiences exploring Bavaria by joining in on organised activities. There are also many great, cheap student deals to be had!

What is your favourite spot, and why?
My favourite spot in Munich in the summer is the English Garden for sure. It’s such a lovely ritual to ride your bike there and have a picnic, go for a swim or join in on one of the many games usually being played. But for a one-off special place I would say the Zugspitze. It’s the highest point in Germany, right on the border with the Austrian Alps. The day I visited, it was snow-capped, and my friends and I were exhilarated by the tricky rock scramble it takes to get to the top, then blown away by the view and the sensation from the summit.

What would you recommend to new exchange students?
My number one recommendation is to enrol in a pre-semester language course. Not only for the obvious benefits of enriching your cultural experience by making an effort in the local language, but because that is how I made 90% of my exchange friends. You are surrounded by other people who are in the same position as you, also feeling nervous and wanting to meet new people. You get to meet people with the most amazing mix of cultural and linguistic backgrounds and end up forming so many happy memories with them.

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