Neurology Winter School (NWS)

The international students choose a field of interest for patient contact and rounds and integrate into our medical team during the whole Winter School. They hospitalize patients and discuss the anamnesis of physical examination and test results as well as the adequate treatment with their respective ward doctors or consultants.

Furthermore, specific tutorials are held which instruct the students how to discuss clinical cases in a problem-oriented and cooperative manner. Small group training sessions and seminars involve diagnostic tools in neurology, interpersonal communication, e.g. "Breaking Bad News", simulations based on standardized patients and other elements of the medical professional’s skill set.

Taught by eminent medical specialists, they also receive invaluable help from their German "study buddies".

Academic Host
Faculty of Medicine
Aim of the Course
To provide an overview of clinical neurology, neurosurgery, neuropediatrics, neuroradiology and neuropathology. Participating students are intended to acquire basic skills in diagnostics and treatment of neurological disorders.
Target Group
The elective addresses senior medical students, particularly those from LMU partner universities, who attend this rotation together with senior medical students from LMU.
Language of Instruction
Form of Instruction
4–29 March 2024
Application Deadline
1 November 2023
Max. No. of Participants
Further Information, Costs and Registration
Neurology Winter School, Faculty of Medicine

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