Confirmation of period of study for the German Pension Insurance Scheme

This confirmation serves as proof intended for gesetzliche deutsche Rentenversicherung (German Statutory Pension Insurance Scheme), in order to get this period of study credited to your individual pension account. At the time of Exmatriculation, you will receive this confirmation along with your letter of exmatriculation and the confirmation of programs studied.

If you need a new confirmation (e.g. in order to settle an unresolved issue with regard to your individual pension account or if you lost your original confirmation which you received at the time of exmatriculation), you can request one by writing to the SU 2 - Academic Registrar. Please include the following details in your letter: your registration number, last name, if applicable also birth name, first name, date of birth, and the period(s) of registration (approximate time periods will suffice); if you graduated from LMU Munich, please include a copy of your degree awarded as well.

Please note: The Office of the University Registrar issues certificates and confirmations in accordance with data protection regulations and therefore, as a rule, neither upon the request by a third party nor to a third party.

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