Request for higher placement

In order to continue your studies in a higher subject-specific semester, you need a so-called “notice of transfer semester(s) awarded” (Semesteranrechnungsbescheid) for each subject. As a rule, said document is issued by the respective examination office which is responsible for this subject at LMU Munich. By means of a notice of transfer semester(s) awarded, the credits you earned thus far in a different degree program are converted to a corresponding number of semesters.

If a higher placement is part of a change of subject, we do not need the request for higher placement. Please enclose the “notice of transfer semester(s) awarded” (Semesteranrechnungsbescheid) with your request for a change of subject.

The request for higher placement can only be submitted in writing. Please send your request and the required documents to us by postal mail or drop them off at the mailbox at LMU’s main building.

If you do not have any data privacy concerns, you can send us your completed request form and the set of required documents as an email attachment using only your LMU email address to the following address:

Please note:

1. The size of your email attachment cannot exceed 5 MB.

2. The request form and the set of required documents must be sent IN ONE SINGLE email only.

3. Emails which you do not send from your LMU-campus email account will be deleted without further notice and processing.

4. If you send us your request by email, you will receive a brief notification of receipt by email; as soon as your request for higher placement has been processed, you will be able to view this change on your certificates of study via the online self-service portal

In order to submit a request for higher placement, we need the following documents:

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