Obstacles and reasons for the denial of registration

Obstacles to registration

In accordance with Art. 91 of BayHIG, registration will be denied by the university if

1. the listed prerequisites are not met, according to Art. 88 - 90 of BayHIG.

2. the student failed to pass an examination as required by the examination regulations or failed to pass a specified statutory trial period at an art academy at the last and final attempt, or the student is unable to complete the prerequisites in order to submit a request to take an examination for reasons he or she is ultimately responsible for himself and herself, except if the student concerned changes the degree program or major.

3. admission is restricted and there is a limited number of study places available for a particular degree program and the student was not assigned one of them.

4. the student fails to provide proof of payment for the fees and charges due or the student fails to submit the formal proof of health insurance coverage by a German statutory health insurance company due to his or her own fault.

Reasons for the denial of registration

Registration may be denied, in accordance with § 5 of the Statutes on registration, if

1. the student suffers from an illness which could severely imperil the health of other students or which could severely impair the regular operation of the university.

2. a student needs to be accompanied by an attendant.

3. the student received a prison sentence for at least a year for an intentionally committed offense, there is still unrestricted access to the sentence as part of the public record, and if there is reason to believe that the operation of the university could be endangered or disrupted based on the type of the committed offense.

4. the student disregards the application form as far as form and deadlines are concerned, the student cannot submit the required documentation or the student does not complete the application form in its entirety.

5. the student’s desired degree program is unavailable.

6. the student requests to simultaneously register for more than two degree programs or requests to register for an identical degree program for which he or she is already registered at another university.

Reasons which could cause an obstacle to registration or the denial of registration must be voluntarily disclosed at the time the student registers in person. If any of these reasons should occur after the student has already registered at the university, then they must be immediately reported in writing to the Office of the University Registrar.

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