Career mentoring: It takes two to tango

Is my dream job just a dream? Will I manage the transition from studying to working? How can I stand out in my job application? Which core qualifications should I have? How do I make career contacts? These are lots of questions. Have you thought about reaching out to someone who is already in the job, industry or company that you'd like to be?

Career Mentoring at a glance

The mentoring relationship offers the perfect opportunity to reflect on your professional and personal plans with an experienced person. So much so, that it's often your mentor that ends up being the bridge between you and your first job.

We have approximately 750 volunteer mentors — all boasting a wealth of professional experience. These are academics whose expertise spans multiple disciplines, industries and professions. They will seek to answer all your questions and smooth the way for a successful new career.

And it's great fun! Our mentees and mentors all agree that mentoring isn't just about progressing professionally and personally. It's an enjoyable experience. The fact that many former mentees return to us years later to become mentors is certainly proof of that.

  • A mentoring tandem lasts about 18 months.
  • Mentor and mentee meet in person once or twice every six months and keep in touch via phone or email.
  • Most tandem opportunities provide an experienced perspective on stepping onto the career ladder – as well as deal with questions about studying and careers in general. Of course, you decide the direction the conversation takes.
  • Mentor and mentee determine the topics, meeting times and locations themselves.
  • By enjoying a rich lineup of engagements such as the Mentoring Forum or LMU career events, both sides can expect to grow their network to include other mentors and students.

Why mentoring is win-win

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If you are enrolled at LMU — whether it's on an undergraduate degree program or doctorate degree — you can sign up as a mentee at any time. The subject you're studying and which semester you're in is not important. After your registration, you can expect to participate in a personal counseling session with us to ensure you are matched to a mentor that suits your needs.

Registration of potential mentors

Are you a university graduate with three or more years of professional experience? Then we would be delighted to have you as a mentor in our program. We welcome all LMU alumni as well as graduates of other universities who have the time and desire to mentor LMU students on a voluntary basis.

  • We offer a free introductory seminar for new mentors twice a year.
  • Mentors also receive a complimentary copy of our "Mentoring Compass" book.

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