Personal advice on careers and getting you that first job

We advise LMU students, doctoral candidates and alumni on all aspects of careers and career entry. And we do it in a number of ways. Seek out personal career advice for students or sign up to get your very own personal mentor. And there's more: We offer professional coaching to all LMU alumni as part of our program.

Our Career Events are primarily aimed at LMU students. Students from other Munich universities are also welcome to attend the open parts of the fairs and the Meet & Greet. Please understand that we can only offer the personal counseling services and seminars to LMU students.

Career-Mentoring Program

Is my dream job just a dream? Will I manage the transition from studying to working? How can I stand out in my job application? Which core qualifications should I have? How do I make career contacts? These are lots of questions.

Have you thought about reaching out to someone who is already in the job, industry or company that you'd like to be?

Career coaching - Where do you want to go professionally?

If you are enrolled at LMU Munich, you can take advantage of personal and individualized advice offered through our Career Services. Expect a consultation to last about one hour. Possible topics to explore might be:

  • Your career goals
  • Your future prospects post bachelor, master or doctorate degree
  • Your career entry
  • Your job application questions
  • Your employment opportunities

For a personal consultation, please register in our portal. Under event participation you will find, among other services, personal career counseling.

The interviews take place either online or on-site.

Please get in touch with us as early as possible, as we always have a lot of requests and waiting times may sometimes be a little longer than expected.

Application coaching - Ask questions about your application

Get your questions concerning your application answered in an individual Zoom session or a local appointment.

Possible topics:

  • Application process
  • Job intervies
  • Application documents
  • Assessment center

CV-Check / Resume-Check / Job reference-Check

We will give you feedback on your CV, cover letter or job reference.

  • Get in touch via the LMU Career Community portal.
  • Enter your details into the "Résumé check" area and upload all relevant documents under "Documents." It goes without saying, we'll treat your data confidentially and you can be sure it won't be passed on to third parties.
  • Please arrange an appointment with us via our online calendar. We will then contact you...
    • via video conference (Zoom or Skype): Arbeitszeugnischeck
    • or via email: CV-Check / Resume-Check

To CV Check

To Arbeitszeugnischeck

Advice on internships abroad

Completing an international internship can be an excellent way to gain experience and skills that will help you as you start your career. Find out more about the following topics in a personal, 30-minute counseling session with Michael Brielmaier:

  • identifying suitable host countries for internships
  • finding the right internship field
  • helpful advice on how to find an internship
  • funding opportunities and sponsorships

Counseling sessions are scheduled for Mondays and Wednesdays between 2 PM and 3 PM. Register for our Career Community and book your appointment now.

Career coaching for LMU alumni

Did you study at LMU and have now been working for several years? Have you gained important experience during your professional career, achieved goals, and learned from your mistakes? We offer our graduates individual sessions based on the concepts and methodologies of systemic coaching. In a one-to-one session, we will help you to identify your individual goals, plan next steps, overcome potential barriers and move forward in your personal and professional development. These sessions take place in a safe environment. Confidentiality is guaranteed.

Possible topics you may bring to the table include:

  • Decision making
  • Professional (re)orientation
  • Evaluation of personal competences and resources
  • Dealing with current challenges
  • Establishing future prospects in terms of your personal or professional development

Target group

LMU Munich graduates with a maximum of ten years professional experience gained after graduation.

Next steps

Please write your coaching topic in a short email to us and we will contact you for an appointment.

Pricing / Organization

One coaching hour (approx. 60 minutes) costs 120,- Euro plus VAT. The first hour serves to get to know each other and to answer any unanswered questions about the coaching process and is therefore free of charge.

Depending on the topic, a structured coaching process can last up to five hours. The duration of the coaching process and the individual appointments are coordinated between coach and coachee. The meetings take place in a central, quiet location in Munich or via video conference.What coaching is certainly not

Coaching is neither a form of training nor a formal professional attainment. Specific proposals for actions to be taken or solutions to problems are not offered by the coach and no typical "advice" is given. Coaching is not a substitute for psychological, psychotherapeutic or psychiatric advice or treatment.

Please note that we do not coach LMU employees in view of possible conflicting interests.

Career counseling for LMU junior academics

As you embark on your academic career path, different questions will arise. Let us support you with services to help you define and achieve your career goals.Support for doctoral candidates.

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