Study abroad

Anyone who studies abroad gains valuable experience. With over 530 partner universities, LMU offers you a global network and competent advice.

What you need to know at a glance

A study abroad program is a defining experience not just academically speaking. But where should you go? Which university is best for you? And how can you optimally prepare your trip? We've put together the following information for you (in German).


The more prepared you are, the better your study-abroad experience will be. The following information and services will help you.

Exchange programs

Erasmus+ is the largest exchange program in Europe. LMUexchange offers you study-abroad options worldwide.

Routes abroad

Returning back from abroad

Once your foreign experience is over, you can still continue to enjoy an international flair. Nearly 18 percent of all students at LMU come from abroad. And many student initiatives include intercultural activities.

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