Applications for cases of hardship for admission-restricted degree programs by 15 July

10 Jun 2024

When applying for degree programms with restricted admission, a hardship application can be made. This may relate to circumstances that require your immediate admission or a change to your existing study location.

Please note: Strict standards are applied when recognizing cases of hardship. Only two percent of places are allocated via an ex ante quota without taking other selection criteria into account, such as your Abitur grades. The recognition of a hardship case existing does not guarantee that you will be assigned a place—as the quota may already be filled.

The hardship application can be made over the course of the normal application procedure for a admission-restricted degree program. The application deadline is 15. July 2024.

Further information about when extraordinary hardship applies and which formal and substantive requirements are neccessary for the application can be found on the website of the Central Student Advisory Office.

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