Information about energy saving measures at LMU

4 Oct 2022

In response to the current geopolitical situation, the Bavarian government has drawn up a set of energy-saving measures that will also be implemented at LMU. The measures will also affect lecture theaters and library facilities.


  • When leaving a room, switch off lights, PCs, non-necessary devices, etc.
  • Not all computers are booted up, when the libraries are opened in the morning. If necessary, please switch them on and off yourself.

The energy concept also provides:

  • Devising decentralized electricity-saving concepts in scientific institutes
  • Raising room temperature specifications in cooled rooms, such as laboratories
  • Not cooling offices, classrooms, and lecture halls (justified exceptions allowed in special cases)
  • Ban on mobile air conditioning units and heating devices (justified exceptions allowed in special cases)
  • Increasing temperature in server rooms
  • Relaxing the parameters for air-conditioned spaces (humidity/temperature) – e.g. rooms where animals are kept, laboratories


Reducing room temperature:

Electricity and heating

  • Reducing operating times of laboratory and WC ventilation

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the energy saving measures, please contact the energy office in the property division:

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