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Flexible work arrangements

Until April 7, 2023, people can continue to work from home on a voluntary basis, provided this is technically feasible and the arrangement does not impair proper service. The relevant managers are individually responsible for organizing the details.

Performance of work in the event of coronavirus illness and risk groups

It is strongly recommended that work be performed in a home office (provided that the employee is fit for duty or work), provided that this is technically feasible and can be carried out in an orderly manner. The decision lies with the responsible holders of management functions.

As with all infectious diseases, it is essential to stay at home in the event of symptoms of illness and, if necessary, to call in sick (note: obligation to present an AU certificate from the 4th day of illness, currently sick notes can be issued by telephone by doctors' surgeries).

For employees for whom infection with the Corona virus poses an increased health risk (see RKI instructions), the necessary measures are to be coordinated in consultation with the attending physician - if necessary with the involvement of the company medical service (e.g. no public traffic, no service center, work in the home office, etc.). An individual risk assessment must also be carried out before starting work. If the measures deemed necessary by the doctor cannot be implemented, the doctor must decide whether the employee is fit for duty or work. The employer must be notified immediately of any incapacity for work and proof of this must be provided in the form of a medical certificate of incapacity for work. In addition, there is always the possibility that vacation and flexitime entitlements may be reduced.

Business trips

Business travel is possible provided that compliance with the current valid hygiene rules is guaranteed both during travel and during the discharge of the object of such travel.

Psychological and emotional counseling


Further information for employees of LMU

If you have any questions regarding the performance of work or continued payment of wages, please contact your direct superior or your immediate supervisor, your faculty or department or the person responsible for you in the LMU Human Resources Department.

If you have any additional questions, please contact:

Frequently asked questions

Individual protective measures must be defined for persons requiring special protection (risk groups; e.g. pregnant women) (cf. risk assessment form 10.1).

A pregnant woman can only be employed if protective measures ensure that the pregnant woman is not exposed to a higher risk of infection at the workplace than the general population. If you require advice, please contact the responsible occupational safety specialist at the Occupational Safety and Sustainability staff unit or the company medical service.

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