5th Scientific Forum 2021 at LMU Munich

The Scientific Forum is an interdisciplinary workshop and a platform for networking and interdisciplinary dialogues.

Date: 25–27 November 2021
Place: LMU Munich
Topic: “Intelligence“

The workshops and lectures will show the broad interdisciplinary research spectrum around the word “intelligence“, including all its definitions – whether it be the meaning of “human intelligence“, “artificial intelligence“, intelligence as a way of gathering information or any other meaning. In Chinese the term can be translated to zhìhuì (智慧).

Workshop submission

Workshops can be submitted until 15 June. All submissions require at least one PI at LMU and one PI at a ChAN partnering university. For further information please contact Ms. Hannah Weckemann.


Hannah Weckemann

International Office

LMU-China Academic Network (ChAN)

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