5th LMU-ChAN Scientific Forum 2021

The Scientific Forum is a platform for networking and interdisciplinary dialogues within the LMU-China Academic Network. It takes place from 25 to 27 November 2021.

The LMU-ChAN Scientific Forum has been one of the most important and visible instruments of cooperation between LMU and members of the LMU-China Academic Network since 2015. It not only mirrors and advances the cooperation on an institutional level, but above all fosters its academic dimension. The encounters in the workshops and during the Plenary Session are and have, in many cases, been the starting point of new cooperation. The Forum also offers the perfect opportunity to overcome not only geographical boundaries but also to break down the boundaries between the scientific disciplines. While this year the event has to take place in a hybrid format, staying in touch has become even more important during the ongoing travel restrictions.

Topic: “Intelligence“

The workshops and lectures will show the broad interdisciplinary research spectrum around the word “intelligence“, including all its definitions – whether meaning “human intelligence“, “artificial intelligence“ or anything else. In Chinese the term can be translated as zhìhuì (智慧).

Plenary session on 25 November

The Plenary Session is the opening event of LMU-ChAN Scientific Forum. It is planned to take place in hybrid format with locations set up in Munich, Beijing and Shanghai – and from anywhere else online. It also includes the 15th anniversary celebrations of the LMU-CSC scholarship program and a welcome to the 3rd LMU-CSC Alumni Forum.

Workshop submission

Suggestions for online workshops can still be submitted until 22 October. All submissions require at least one chair from LMU and one chair from a ChAN partner university. For further information please contact the ChAN coordination office.

Connected events

15th anniversary of the LMU–CSC scholarship program

LMU Munich was the first German university to sign an agreement with the China Scholarship Council (CSC) to support Chinese doctoral students at LMU Munich. Since the arrival of the first group of students in 2006 almost 500 CSC PhD scholarship holders have come to study at LMU Munich within the program. The anniversary of the successful program will be celebrated during the Plenary Session of the 5th LMU ChAN Scientific Forum.

3rd CSC Alumni Forum

Several hundred alumni of the above mentioned LMU-CSC program have stayed in touch with each other after the completion of their stay in Munich and founded their own independent association in China. This year for the third time they will assemble in several cities in China to meet again at their self-organized LMU CSC Alumni Forum to share their latest research and insights with each other. The event takes place at the same time as the LMU-ChAN Scientific Forum and they will also attend the Plenary Session and join the 15th anniversary of the LMU-CSC program live from China.


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