Nano-Institute Munich: Optical spectroscopy / Photocatalysis / Bionanophotonics (Feldmann, Lohmüller)

Department / Institute
Chair for Photonics and Optoelectronics (PhoG)
Nano-Institute Munich
Subject area
Optical spectroscopy/Photocatalysis/Bionanophotonics
Number of open positions
Project title
Optical excitations in colloidal nanosystems/Solar water splitting and CO2 reduction with hybrid nanocrystals/ Nano- and Bio-plasmonics
Language requirements
Applicants should be fluent in English.
Academic requirements
Master degree in Physics, Material Science or (Physical) Chemistry with very good results. Experience in solid state physics, physical chemistry, optical spectroscopy and/or optical properties of nanomaterials. Passion for nanoscience and optics, excellent communication skills, self-motivation, team spirit, and hard working attitude.
Prof. Dr. Jochen Feldmann
PD Dr. Theo Lohmüller

Please send the following material to:
▪ CV including education history, publications, awards
▪ Certificates and transcripts
▪ Motivation letter (1 page)

Project description

The research at Prof. Feldmann’s Chair (PhoG) focuses on understanding and applying the interaction of tailored nanosystems with light. Our mission is to synthesize novel solution-based semiconductor and metal nanocrystals, which are tailored to provide optimized functionalities specifically addressing applications as efficient light emitters, solar energy converters, sensors as well as diagnostic and therapeutic tools. Our major goal is to carry out advanced optical spectroscopy studies to gain a detailed understanding of optically induced charge carrier dynamics such as relaxation, recombination, charge separation, energy transfer and the initiation of photochemical reactions.

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