Experimental Physics / Nanophotonics (Maier, Tittl)

Department / Institute
Department of Physics / Chair in Hybrid Nanosystems
Subject area
Experimental physics / Nanophotonics
Number of open positions
Project title
AI-enabled metasurfaces for enhanced biospectroscopy
Language requirements
Applicants should be fluent in English.
Academic requirements
Applicants should have strong knowledge in at least one of the core areas of nanophotonics (numerical simulations, nanofabrication, optical spectroscopy) and high motivation to become proficient in the others. Experience with machine learning models (PyTorch, TensorFlow) and biospectroscopy is a plus.
Prof. Stefan Maier
Email: Stefan.Maier@physik.uni-muenchen.de

Dr. Andreas Tittl
Email: Andreas.Tittl@physik.uni-muenchen.de

Project description

Nanophotonics has revolutionized optics by controlling light propagation on length scales far below the optical diffraction limit, enabling breakthrough applications in energy harvesting, beam shaping, and few-molecule biodetection. To push the limits of light-matter coupling, the project will combine an emerging class of all-dielectric optical metasurfaces [Science 360, 1105 (2018)] with artificial intelligence (AI) methods for nanophotonic design and data analysis [Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 58, 14810 (2019)]. Working at the intersection of nanotechnology, machine learning, and biospectroscopy, the successful applicant will use state-of-the-art computational and experimental infrastructure to realize new optical sensing platforms with broad applications from fundamental biophysics to medical diagnostics.

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