Nano-Institute Munich: Plasmonic and Photonic Chemistry (Cortés)

Department / Institute
Physics/Nanoinstitute Munich
Subject area
Plasmonic and Photonic Chemistry
Name of Supervisor
Prof. Emiliano Cortés
Number of open positions
1 or 2
Project title
Single particle photo and electrocatalysis. Synthesis of hybrid colloids.
Language requirements
Fluent in English
Academic requirements
Applicants are preferred to have a strong knowledge background in physical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, electrochemistry and/or material science.
Prof. Dr. Emiliano Cortés
University of Munich (LMU)
Nanoinstitute Munich
Phone: +49 89 2180 83902

Project description

The reactivity of plasmonic systems is deeply influenced by the dynamics and interplay of photons, plasmon-polaritons, carriers, phonons, and molecular states. These degrees of freedom can affect the reaction rates, the product selectivity, or the spatial localization of a chemical reaction. Final understanding of these processes requires the emergence of new techniques that can explore these systems at the single particle level. Moreover, rational design and synthesis of plasmonic colloidal photo and electrocatalysts need to consider all these energy transfer pathways. We are looking for candidates that can help us towards these ends.

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