Stroke and Cardiovascular Disease (Georgakis)

Department / Institute
Institute for Stroke and Dementia Research
Subject area
Stroke and Cardiovascular Disease, Human Genomics, Single-Cell Sequencing
Project title
Dissecting the mechanisms underlying atheroprogression with multiomics analyses
Name of supervisor
Dr. Marios Georgakis
Number of open positions
Language requirements
Proficiency in English
Academic requirements
MD degree or an MSc degree in epidemiology, biostatistics, public health, data science, biomedical sciences, or related disciplines
Project time plan
Full Doctoral Study Model: 36 or 48 months

Project description

You will work on a research project with the following objectives:

  • Dissect causal immune pathways underlying cerebrovascular disease with the use of downstream analyses in human genomic and other omics data. Applying cutting-edge analyses, such as GWAS, Mendelian randomization, polygenic risk score analyses, colocalization analyses, and genetic correlation in integrated large-scale datasets (genomics, transcriptomics, since-cell sequencing, proteomics, clinical/epidemiological data), the candidate will work on a project aiming to detect promising drug targets for atherosclerosis.
  • Follow-up the detected signals in analyses involving human atherosclerotic samples as well as epidemiological studies both in-house and from collaborating biobanks in order to detect mediating plaque phenotypes that could be used as surrogate proxies for studying the atheroprotective effects of immunotherapies.

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