Synthetic Biology (Leister 2)

Department / Institute
Faculty of Biology, Plant Molecular Biology
Subject area
Genetics, cell biology, physiology
Project title
Regulators of chloroplast signalling
Name of supervisor
Prof. Dario Leister
Number of open positions
Language requirements
Proficiency in English
Academic requirements
4-year Bachelor's plus Master's Degree; at the time of application, the last final exam should have taken place in the past 4 years.
Study model
Full doctoral study model: 36 or 48 months

Project description

In chloroplast signalling, the chloroplast communicates its state to the rest of the cell, in particular the nucleus, to adjust the expression of nuclear-encoded proteins targeted to the organelle. While the plastid protein GUN1 is known to play a critical role in this type of signalling in young plants, we found that GUN1 also plays a role in adult plants and in cold acclimation. In this project, we are identifying and characterising proteins that functionally interact with GUN1. To this end, we have used genetic screens to identify a number of candidate proteins awaiting characterisation, and we are initiating novel screens. In this project, students will learn and apply techniques from genetics, molecular biology and biochemistry.


Richter AS, Nägele T, Grimm B, Kaufmann K, Schroda M, Leister D, Kleine T (2023) Retrograde signaling in plants: A critical review focusing on the GUN pathway and beyond. Plant Commun 4:100511. doi: 10.1016/j.xplc.2022.100511.

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