Vascular Biology, microRNAs (Schober)

Department / Institute
Institute for Cardiovascular Prevention (IPEK)
Subject area
Vascular Biology, microRNAs
Project title
4D live imaging of atherosclerotic lesions
Name of supervisor
Prof. Dr. Andreas Schober
Number of open positions
Language requirements
Proficiency in English
Academic requirements
Master's Degree
Project time plan
Full Doctoral Study-Model: 48 months

Project description

Macrophages and endothelial cells play a key role in forming atherosclerotic plaques. We generated reporter mice expressing a fluorescent protein in these two cell types. We will analyze migration, apoptosis, efferocytosis, and crystal formation of macrophages by confocal imaging. Moreover, we determine the repair of the luminal surface of plaques by endothelial cells. Cell-specific deletion of miRNAs or the miRNA-producing enzyme Dicer in these mice will allow us to study their role in atherosclerotic plaque formation.

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