Research-oriented teaching

The range of degree programs offered by LMU offers students the opportunity to develop their talents, thus providing the foundations for successful personal and professional development.

Scientific training at an early stage

For LMU, high-quality academic teaching consists primarily in imparting scientifically sound judgment on the basis of excellent research. Thus, in order to draw students' interest to research at an early stage and lay the foundations for an academic career, LMU pursues the concept of research-oriented teaching at all stages of academic training.

The LMU Graduate Center offers information and advice on career paths for junior academics to students interested in pursuing a doctorate.


Internationalization of studies and teaching is a central endeavor of LMU. Currently, the University offers 28 master’s degree programs, complemented by 8 double or triple degree programs in English or French. This range of opportunities is constantly being expanded, e.g. within the framework of the European University Alliance for Global Health. The continuous expansion of up-to-date digital information and communication infrastructures, e.g. as part of the "Digital International Campus" program, will further increase LMU's attractiveness for international students.


LMU has actively embraced the challenges of the digital turn by promoting elearning formats. Among numerous activities, in this respect, are the establishment of digital teaching concepts and, as the first university in Germany, of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), which have also added to LMU’s visibility. Furthermore, LMU places particular attention on developing students’ skills in data science methods. For instance, the University offers the interdisciplinary Elite Graduate Program Data Science and the Master’s program Media, Management and Digital Technologies.

Equal opportunities and inclusion

Equal opportunities and the promotion of diversity among its student body are important concerns of LMU.

Dedicated consultation services and mentoring programs assist students in overcoming specific challenges concerning the start of their studies as well as the transition from university to professional life.

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