Konrad Celtis, one of the leading humanists of the day, joins the faculty.

The humanist Konrad Celtis. | © Stadtarchiv Ingolstadt

Konrad Celtis (1459–1508) was one of the first and most prominent representatives of Renaissance humanism on the faculty, although taught in Ingolstadt only from 1492 until 1497. Celtis, whose family name was Bickel or Pickel, was a much-travelled scholar, and had moved from Prague to Ingolstadt, where he initially served as a lecturer in Rhetoric and Poetics. He is especially remembered for his widely influential oration on German Humanism, delivered before the Faculty of Law. However, Celtis was often absent from his post in Ingolstadt, and on the invitation of Emperor Maximilian, he left to take up a position at Vienna University in March 1497.


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