Jakob Gretser takes up his teaching duties at the Jesuit College in Munich.

Historischer Druck von Jakob Gretser

The Jesuit Jakob Gretser. | © Stadtarchiv Ingolstadt

In 1580 Jakob Gretser (1562-1625) began his teaching career at the Jesuit College in Munich. Six years later, his superiors sent him to Ingolstadt. When the Faculty of Philosophy was assigned exclusively to the Jesuits, Gretser became a professor, although he was ordained to the priesthood and received his doctoral degree only a year later. In 1592, Gretser, as an exponent of Scholastic Theology, was transferred to the Faculty of Theology. He produced a large number of theological works, most of them directed against Reformation theology, but was also well versed in Historiography, Philosophy and Literature.


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