The Jesuit Christoph Scheiner begins to teach Mathematics and Hebrew at Ingolstadt University.

Historiches Wandornament von ChristophScheiner, wie er ein Kreuz hält

Christoph Scheiner | © Stadtarchiv Ingolstadt

The Jesuit Christoph Scheiner (1575-1650) held a teaching appointment in Mathematics and Hebrew at Ingolstadt University from 1610 until 1616, having studied Philosophy and Theology there from 1597 to 1600 and again from 1605 to 1609. In 1611, using the newly invented telescope, Scheiner and his student Johann Baptist Cysat observed dark blotches on the surface of the Sun, and were thus among the first to detect sunspots. Above all, Scheiner’s precise description and interpretation of his observations, as well as his contributions to optics, established his scientific fame. No other natural philosopher who worked at Ingolstadt University made such a significant contribution to the development of science in Europe


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