During the reign of King Ludwig I, LMU is transferred from Landshut to Munich.

During the reign of King Ludwig I, all the important cultural institutions in the country were concentrated in its capital city – Munich – and the entire educational system was reorganized. As part of this policy, and in response to a perceived decline in the prestige of the University in Landshut, Ludwig I ordered in October 1825, soon after his accession to the throne, that preparations be made for the transfer of the University to the capital. In November 1826, LMU formally took up residence in the Jesuit College in Munich, on what is now Neuhauserstrasse. St. Michael’s served as the University Church, while the Carmelite Church on Promenadenplatz became the Great Aula.


  1. Fotografie des Klosters St. Michael
  2. Historische Abbildung von der Eröffnung der LMU

The future King Ludwig I of Bavaria – when he was still Crown Prince.

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St. Michael’s Monastery became LMU’s first home following the move to Munich

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The Ludwig-Maximilian University (LMU) in Munich was formally opened on November 15, 1826.

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