Joseph Görres and Friedrich Schelling join the faculty at LMU.

Very soon after the move to Munich, in the year 1827, LMU succeeded in gaining the services of the Catholic author and historian Joseph Görres (1776–1848) and the Protestant philosopher Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph Schelling (1775–1854), two of the most outstanding intellectuals of their time. Görres had edited the journal Rheinische Merkur between 1814 and 1816, and was a nationally known figure. He held the post of Professor of General and Literary History at LMU until 1848. Schelling was widely viewed as one of the leading protagonists of Idealism in Germany, together with Hegel. In addition to his professorship at LMU, he became President of the Academy of Sciences. He contributed to the development of the new school curriculum in Bavaria and reformed the Regulations for Students of Philosophy at LMU. In 1841 he moved to Berlin.


  1. Historische Zeichnung von Joseph Görres

Joseph Görres

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Friedrich Schelling

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