In response to student protests, King Ludwig I orders the temporary closure of the University.

Historische Abbildung vom Tumult vor dem Karlstor

In July 1830, Paris was once again in the throes of a revolution, which also ignited unrest in other European cities. In Munich the situation remained largely calm. Even the King’s official visit to the city‘s Oktoberfest went off without a hitch, to the surprise of many. The first disturbances broke out in December, and were comparatively harmless: Students who had purchased musical instruments at the Christkindl Fair staged a noisy march as far as the Karlstor, where a detachment of soldiers stepped in and arrested them.

This action provoked riots that went on for several days. Ludwig I clamped down on the protests, dissolved the student corporation that had played the leading role on 28 December, closed the University on the following day and banned all non-resident students from entering the city. However, at the request of the municipal authorities, who promised to ensure that no further uproar ensued, the University was allowed to open again on 30 December.


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