The Maximilianeum is set up to prepare gifted students for senior administrative positions.

Frontale Luftaufnahme des Maximilianeums

The Maximilianeum now also serves as the seat of the Bavarian State Parliament.

In 1852 King Maximilian II founded the Royal Athenaeum, which was renamed Royal Maximilianeum five years later. Its aim was to enable the most gifted high-school graduates in the kingdom – irrespective of their social origins – to study at LMU. The Fellows were given free board and lodging (but no spending money) and were groomed for high-ranking posts in the civil service. For over 20 years the Maximilianeum had to make do with temporary quarters. Work on a suitably imposing building on the east bank of the Isar only began in 1857. The monumental structure was completed in 1874. When the Bavarian monarchy was abolished in 1918, the epithet Royal was dropped from its name, and responsibility for the running of the Maximilianeum passed to the Rector of LMU.


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