The first women are admitted to doctoral programs at LMU. The first woman to complete the Habilitation does so in 1918.

In 1900, women were officially permitted, for the first time, to take normal doctoral courses. Maria Ogilvie-Gordon from Scotland and the Australian Agnes Kelly, both of whom had previously studied in England, successfully passed the final exam in the Faculty of Philosophy. Three years earlier, Princess Therese of Bavaria had become the first woman to receive an honorary doctorate from LMU. But only in September 1903 did Luitpold, the Prince Regent, direct that women be accorded full immatriculation rights to attend lectures at all universities in Bavaria, including LMU. In 1918 Adele Hartmann, the first woman in Germany to complete the Habilitation, did so at LMU.


Dr. Adele Hartmann MD


Invitation to the inaugural lecture of Dr. Adele Hartmann MD.

Women with a thirst for knowledge were often regarded with disdain by their (male) fellow-students and by professors.

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