Max Weber, one of the few professors in sympathy with the new Republic, joins the LMU faculty.

Alte Fotografie von Max Weber

Max Weber joined the LMU faculty in1919.

Max Weber (1864–1920), one of the founders of modern social science, had held teaching positions in Berlin, Freiburg, Heidelberg and Vienna, before accepting the offer of a Chair in Economics at LMU in 1919. It was a period of great political turbulence, and Weber‘s lectures were repeatedly disrupted. Indeed, numbered tickets sometimes had to be issued to students wishing to attend his lectures. Among other things, Weber had criticized the leniency shown to the murderers of the Bavarian Prime Minister Kurt Eisner, a view with which many students violently disagreed. At all events, Weber’s tenure at LMU came to a premature end: He died of pneumonia on 14 June 1920.


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