LMU-students take part in the book-burning on Königsplatz.

Plakat mit der Aufschrift Einladung zum Verbrennungsakt am Königsplatz und ein rotes Hakenkreuz darüber

Invitation to the notorious book-burning on Munich’s Königsplatz in 1933.

With the opening of the Summer Term 1933, the university law passed by the National Socialists following Hitler’s accession to power came into effect. The new law subjected university governance to the dictatorial Führerprinzip, and compulsory duties of various sorts were imposed on students. The new law was officially welcomed at a ceremony in the Atrium of the Main Building on 10 May, which was followed by a student march – in which no official representatives of the University took part – to Königsplatz. Once there, Munich students, as their fellows were doing in other German university cities, burned books by authors deemed to be “un-German.”


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