LMU formally reopens on 23 July. It is the last university in the American Zone to do so.

The delay in reopening LMU was largely due to differences between Acting Rector Rehm and the American Military Administration. He resigned in January 1946 and was succeeded by Karl Vossler, a Professor of Romance Languages. Only then did it prove possible to obtain permission from the American authorities to open the University again. The first regular post-war term began on 1 April 1946. LMU was formally reopened on 23 July, as the last in the American Zone to resume its activities, and Georg Hohmann, the first properly elected post-war Rector, assumed his new office.


Students gathered around the fountain in front of LMU’s Main Building.

Karl Vossler, Professor for Romance Languages, who succeeded Albert Rehm as Acting Rector.

Georg Hohmann, the first elected Rector of the reopened LMU.

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