LMU has 28,500 registered students and employs 9,255 people.

Blick auf eine zum Semesterstart gut besuchte Vorlesung von LMU-Soziologe Prof. Dr. Armin Nassehi im Audimax.

Students in LMU´s Auditorium Maximum. | © LMU

As a result of organic growth and the integration of other educational establishments, including that of the Teacher Training College in 1972, LMU was the largest university in the Federal Republic in 1973. In that year, prior to the passage of a new Higher Education Act by the Bavarian parliament, some 28,500 students were on the rolls, attending courses given by 15 Faculties. Staff numbers had reached 9,255, making LMU the sixth largest employer in Munich. Indeed, its very size led some critics to call for it to be split into several different schools.


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